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  • Where can I use concrete in my home?
    In Short, anywhere! Concrete is the most versatile, customisable material. In residential applications; concrete is the latest innovation in countertop material and looks fabulous in your kitchen and bathroom as a worktop, backsplash, tile or shower wall. Concrete also makes fantastic furniture in other rooms of the house such as coffee tables, fire surrounds, dining table tops and desks. One of the truly unique applications for concrete in the home are our sinks, we can make integral sinks for your kitchen or bathroom which will be fabricated all in one piece with your countertop. We also have a range of customised fabric formed sinks which can be made to fit any unit side. We also offer one off fully customised fabric formed sinks can be made on demand to your specifications and design requirements. Please note that for one off customisations, fabrication will take longer than usual.
  • Where can I use concrete in my business?
    In commercial applications; Concrete can be used for restaurant bar tops, bathrooms, retail counters, reception desks and coffee tables and much more. Architects and engineers have long admired concrete for its durability and now they’re admiring it for a whole new wave of reasons. Concrete can come in under budget as compared to other materials, slot of time and man-power is saved during the installation process because of its lightweight and durable properties.
  • Where can I use concrete in my outdoor area?
    In outdoor areas; Concrete weathers well all year round with very little maintenance. It can be used in any outdoor lounge area, BBQ areas and relaxation areas. Concrete makes comfortable, clean and ascetically beautiful outdoor furniture and because our concrete is lightweight, furniture can be easily moved if necessary. Some examples of what can be made from concrete include, sun loungers, chairs, tables, fire pits, flower-bed surrounds and pretty much anything you can imagine.
  • What is the lead time?
    Once the colour, finish and design have been finalised and the contracts have been signed, we will take a day to template the area if a template is required. After templating, depending on the project, it will take between 3-6 weeks to fully fabricate and deliver a concrete piece.
  • Will my countertop stain?
    Stains in your concrete countertop will depend on the sealer you choose. We have researched the latest in sealing innovation from around the world and have different sealing options to choose from. Depending on which sealer option you choose and how you treat your countertop, your countertops will not stain. Spills should be cleaned up and not left for long periods and a wax can be applied every to the countertop every few weeks for extra protection. We will advise you further on what sealer goes best with your product and how staining can be avoided.
  • Will my concrete scratch?
    Concrete is an extremely durable material and is very hard to scratch, however depending on the sealing option you choose, cutting on the countertop may compromise the integrity of the sealer so it is advised in most cases to use chopping boards in the kitchen. Many other applications will not scratch as they wouldn’t be exposed to such harsh conditions.
  • Can I put hotpots on my concrete worktop?
    Concrete can withstand high heats without cracking, however with a concrete worktop it will depend on the sealing option that is chosen, however, as with most surfaces, it is best to use trivets which can be integrated in your concrete worktop.
  • Are concrete countertops sanitary?
    Concrete is naturally an inert material which means bacteria cannot grow on its surface therefore making concrete one of the most sanitary surfaces. All of our sealing options are food safe and anti-bacterial. Concrete is also a very practical option as it is easily cleaned and maintained. Your polished concrete should only be cleaned with warm soap and water and does not need to be cleaned with any harsh chemicals.
  • How much do concrete countertops cost?
    Concrete is not a cheap alternative to other solid stone materials. It can be similarly priced to other stone materials although in many ways concrete is a superior material. The price of any concrete project can increase depending on the level of customisation and personalisation involved. Get in touch today to enquire about prices for your project.
  • What colours are available?
    Virtually any colour! We offer a wide range of integral colour options as standard and we can mix pigments to create colours that cannot be seen on our website. We also offer a wide range of stained finishes which can be matt, or metallic finishes. With our colour range, we offer veined and pressed finishes which involve using two colours. You can also specify embedded glass, stone or other objects. Concrete is the only material that can offer such a wide variety of colours and finishes. Get in touch to see or order colour samples for your project.
  • Do concrete countertops have seams?
    Concrete can be cast in one piece without seams, however depending on the size of the piece, access restrictions and design of the project seams may be necessary. Seams are typically 1-3mm wide but can be visibly reduced using a colour coded sealant which we can provide.
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