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Style Range

Polished Concrete Sample

Polished or sanded to a smooth flawless finish with no aggregate and a choice of satin or gloss sealer.

Salt & Pepper Concrete Sample
Salt & Pepper

A mild exposure of fine aggregate that can include; porcelain, quartz, marble, granite, bauxite and mica.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sample
Exposed Aggregate

A more revealing exposure of larger aggregates such as; porcelain, quartz, marble, granite, etc.

Hand Pressed Concrete Sample
Hand Pressed

A technique which consists of layers of different colour concretes pressed through to the face of the stone.

Eco Glass Concrete Sample
Eco Glass

An exposure of recycled glass in various colours. This highly sustainable product boasts 75% of ingredients derived from recycled materials.

Eco Glass Concrete Sample

A technique of distressing which exaggerates and emphasises naturally occurring cosmetic defects such as 'bugholes' or trapped air voids.

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