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Polished Concrete -  50ft Copper Encrusted Curved Bar Top by Concrete Design Studios  Jameson Distillery, Bow Street, Dublin, Ireland


The Jameson project was one of the more exciting projects we worked on in 2016. We were commissioned to fabricate a concrete bar top for the ‘Makers Bar’ in the new Jameson Distillery visitor attraction on Bow Street, Dublin.  The use of different materials in this room makes this a truly beautiful space with the contrasts of refined and rough surfaces.


The concrete bar top measures 50ft and features a subtle sweeping curve. The client specified a dark grey, raw concrete with a copper aggregate. To achieve this finish, we incorporated copper filings within our concrete mix. The surface was polished to expose glimpses of copper which glisten under the light.  ‘Pin holes’, a naturally occurring characteristic of concrete formed when air pockets are trapped at the surface, were retained to produce a natural aesthetic whilst maintaining a sleek, smooth, and tactile concrete bar top. The concrete is sealed with a high-grade sealer that lasts forever with little to no maintenance.


Jameson Distillery Visitor Attraction


50ft Curved Bar Top


Bow Street, Dublin


December 2016

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