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Concrete Fire Hearth & Matching Media Unit


We always welcome creative ideas from our clients. This particular home owner designed these two pieces and asked us to bring his design to life.

The stove hearth is a light-weight solid piece. The grey finish was achieved using a white concrete base and an eco-friendly cement. It was lightly polished and sealed with a high-grade, heat resistant sealer. As well as the aesthetically pleasing aspect of this piece, it also functions as an extra heat source for the room by heating up with the stove and releasing the heat slowly into the room keeping the space warm for longer.

The T.V unit has a tapered profile to fit into the corner of the room. It is light-weight and is of a single construction. The hollow part of the unit functions as a shelf and storage area. 


Home Owner


Floating Stove Hearth & T.V Unit


Co. Kilkenny


September 2016

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