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This residential property in Swords, Co. Dublin had a modern designed kitchen with sleek handleless cabinetry. The client had granite countertops for years and wanted something different and more robust. The finish is truly unique and was chosen from samples produced specifically to meet with the clients brief. It was achieved using various techniques to create a two-toned off white and dark grey contrasting patina.

The countertop has a stainless steel undermounted sink with an integral concrete draining board. The project also features 100mm upstands and hob backsplash. The island & counters are 70mm thick yet super light-weight. The two-toned colours of the concrete work beautifully with the dark and light grey cabinetry.

The concrete was lightly polished and sealed using a high-grade food safe sealer that lasts forever with little to no maintenance.


Home Owner


Kitchen & Island Countertops


Swords, Co. Dublin


July 2017

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