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This award nominated interior design space was a special project for us. It allowed us to really show off our skills with this very tricky reception desk that has a lot more to it than meets the eye.

The reception desk is a one piece concrete structure fabricated with high density foam at its core to create a super durable, light-weight piece. It incorporates hidden ducting enabling access for power cables and other utilities.  A single slab of beautiful Carrara marble was sandwiched between the concrete providing function and contrast.

This stand-alone L-shaped reception desk was fabricated offsite and delivered to site as a finished product. We worked closely with the client to design and engineering this piece to work as a multi-functional reception desk in keeping with the elegant art deco inspired space.

The finish was achieved using an eco-friendly cement base and was lightly polished and sealed with a high-grade, maintenance free sealer.

The polished plastered walls were treated to custom made concrete architrave created using a number of techniques and our own high strength mixes.


Urbana Laser Clinic


Reception Desk & Wall Architrave


Clarendon Street, Dublin


November 2016

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